twitter donald trump

US President Donald Trump has said that.
Now he catches America.
World Health Organization Funding.
He accused China of being centralized.
During the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.
Trump said and we were going.

twitter donald trump
Hold on to how to spend money.
w-h-o they call every shot wrong and.
That’s not very good.
The information was quick and they did not want it.
They seem too much to take action.
China-centric is a statement.
Listening to Trump’s words.

The healthcare organization receives heavily.
Money from the United States.
And we pay for your vast majority.
Part of their money and they are.
Wrong they are wrong about a lot.
Things and much information later.
In the beginning and they didn’t want it big today.
They look very China-centric.
Actually they may have missed the call.
He called months ago.
Who knows and they should know.
And they know we do it.
Looking very carefully and.
We are going to hold onto the money we have spent.
WH-O we’re getting a lot.
Powerful grip on it and what we are going to see.
Very good if it works but when.
They call every shot wrong.
Good Foreign Affairs Editor Geeta Mohan.
Join us for more information on this.
Good Morning Geeta you know last.
We had a lot of discussions over the weeks.
W-h-o did enough here.
Is it Chinese bias?.
And Donald Trump doesn’t do simple mining.
His words yes it will be a cause.
WHO is really concerned for Pelit.
The United States will cause.
America has a lot of understanding and erosion.
President Trump every time he appeared.
On any decision the world body makes.
First let’s look at what United is.
States have cooperation.
So the drive is affected by it.
Collaborate and see if you can.
That is our contribution.
The biggest supporter of global health.
The company’s biggest collaborator.
from w-h-o.
This was a lottery in 1989.
The contribution is over 400 million.
And vice versa if you look at China.
In 2019 the contribution is only 44.
Million and one in that case.
US President Donald Trump.
Speaking of when we told him to pay.
Not much but when it comes to effects.
China has really become one.
If the WH-O is inside and the driving force.
If you look at the timeline.
The announcements that come.
They are cautious instead.
Anything important comes up.
In relation to China and.
That’s why the president.
That’s what Trump thought.
All the money and money he has.
W-h-o has been contributing for many years.
And it’s not just about what-if.
The coronavirus was in crisis.
There is too much evidence to support much of the evidence.
W-h-o fits.
Also very soft in China.
Criticism of how China actually spread.
Iran hides coronavirus or facts.
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