The sudden closure of Noah’s Place Charlotte’s costume covers thousands and leaves them chewing

Last month, Noah’s Place, a national series, suddenly shut its doors to Charlotte, leaving countless lovers with nowhere to go.
In many cases, the couple had their honeymoon just weeks or months later.
Noah’s locations had areas in the province where they wanted to be demolished last year, including its Charlotte location on Yorkmont Road not far from Charlotte-Douglas Airport.
In addition to filming, Noah Charlotte’s location continued to function until February.
According to bankruptcy documents, the Utah-based company has a $ 1 million debt.
Noah’s lawyer provided discussions explaining that refunds are not possible and that many, people would be affected by this closure.

Search the name Noah goes to it and you’ll find many groups dedicated specifically to couples affected by the immediate product closure.
Sadonna Smith is one such bride.
She and her boyfriend were planning a wedding in May in the area.
He says they pay $, to protect their property, only to receive a call from one of their vendors about the closure.
He said he had not directly contacted Noah about the matter before the call.
One month after the closure, Noah’s building remains vacant.
When Smith learned that he would find a new place within days before his wedding, he says, “my heart went to my ankles.
” Prior to that, he says, “I was very proud to be doing the wedding planning process without any pressure.
” Smith said he was concerned with himself, as he learned that several of Noah’s other locations were closed earlier this year.
“I was like, ‘Wow, that’s a small town.
This is Charlotte.
This won’t be a problem here.
” Shortly after reading about the closure, Smith says he rushed to Noah to try to find out more.
There were staff members inside, although they were not as optimistic as him.
“I said, ‘What’s going on?’ And bless their hearts how they are like, ‘Ma’am, we know a lot like you and we just lost our jobs.
”Since then, Smith has received an email from Noah about the closure, which did not give a clear answer that the money would be available.
“It doesn’t directly say that you were giving back your money, but it didn’t mean you didn’t have it,” he said.
The agenda receives an email from Smith.
In it, the site says it has “worked very hard to reorganize operations so that it can continue to host events, even though public anonymity, and court order, have made it difficult to keep up with the moment.
” Noah had opened for many years to Charlotte and held more events, according to the email, “including hundreds of couples, with short notice, who lost their wedding day in other locations.
We have always been willing and happy to help these brides and we feel confident that your sales community will do the same.
”When we attempted to reach that location, the phone number on the phone was invalid and the email went unanswered.
Notice at the door to Noah.
Nazneen Ahmed, policy communications adviser with the North American Department of Justice, tells Agenda that they have received six complaints about Noah so far.
“Unfortunately, due to the automation of the bankruptcy, the current phase of the bankruptcy proceedings, and the fact that the bankruptcy manager represents that the business is over, is limited to what we can do to resolve the complaint by complaint.
“Our office shared the complaints we received from the Utah Attorney General’s Office of Consumer Protection for review, as the case involves a Utah company in bankruptcy,” said Ahmed.
For couples who have been affected, Ahmed advises filing a complaint with the North Carolina Attorney General’s office.
Smith and his fiancée, an attorney, have never given up.
They started distributing each monthly payment from the site with their credit card

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